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Last Chance to Save 35 Cooper Square

February 6th, 2011 by DavidFreeland

35 Cooper Square, one of the oldest surviving houses on the upper portion of the Bowery (c. 1825), is in imminent danger of destruction.  Scaffolding – often seen as a prelude to demolition – is up, and the Asian restaurant occupying the ground floor has closed.

Photo Credit: Scouting NY

The Bowery Alliance of Neighbors, leading the fight to protect 35 Cooper Square, has suggestions on what you can do to help preserve this charming structure with a rich history that parallels the larger growth of early 19th century New York.  Please click on the links below, and join in if you can!

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  • Our Brooklyn memories will never die. I sometimes wonder how my wife tell me something and an hour later I forget what she said. If I see a movie or a Broadway play, I can’t remember the characters or the plot of the show.
    But when I hear the music of the 50’s I remember every word and sometimes where I was and the names of the groups that performed. I remember my phone number and every kid on my block. The things we did and the fun
    times we shared.
    I just hope getting older I will always have these memories, it keeps me young and I just hope the good old days wil always be remembered.

  • Happy Passover to all the people that came from Brownsville and survived the streets of Brooklyn.

  • I lived on Blake Avenue, between Chester Street and Bristol Street. One of our play yards was a stone yard on Chester Street, between Blake Avenue and Sutter Avenue. We hid behind the stones and jumped up to shoot cap pistols at our adversaries. No one ever died from the shots, but the stones were removed one by one in order to become gravestones. Also, in the stone yard, we used to take time out from our cowboy duties in order to roast marshmallows on a stick. .

  • Nostalgia is feel good on steroids right under sex but the only places I was ever interested in was the poolroom and the pawnshops on Chester and Pitkin aves and Benevolent loan on Rokaway and Pitpin. I think I had a misspent youth and when my book comes out you can find out a whole lot more. Hey, how come no one ever talks about “Kitzel park”?

  • It’s a pity that such an old and great buildings are going to be destroyed. I live in Poland and in our country, situation is similar – unfortunetly…